Canada C3 Giant Floor Map

Reserve a free Canada C3 Giant Floor Map for use at your school that includes 15 interactive learning activities.

The Canada C3 Education Team has created the ‘2017 Canada C3 Expedition: A Journey from Coast to Coast to Coast’ Giant Floor Map in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Canadian Geographic Education, and Polar Knowledge Canada. A total of 20 floor maps have been made in various sizes. Eleven of these are available at Canada C3 Museum Hubs in various museums across the country. Two have been donated to schools in the Arctic. The remaining maps (all 17.5 x 13 feet in size) are available for circulation among schools across Canada throughout the 2018 school year and beyond. Each map is circulated by Canada C3 or by education partners including (thus far) Ministries of Education, Teacher Federations, Faculties of Education and NGOs across the country. See below to reserve a map for your school!

Each giant floor map comes with a bilingual teacher’s kit containing 15 laminated learning modules with accompanying activity cards, as well as specific 3D materials to better enhance the floor map experience for your students. An online PDF version of the bilingual teacher’s kit can be accessed here. These place-based learning modules have been created by a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators from across the country and target K-12 learners.

Teachers and School Administrators: Please complete our Canada C3 Floor Map Google Form to reserve one of these maps, free of charge, to use in your school for a two-week period. Hurry to reserve a map for spring 2018 as only limited spots remain.

Send us a photo of your Canada C3 Floor Map experience at and we will share it here!

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