Educational Video Series

Dive into our two theme-based educational video series focused on ocean conservation and reconciliation.

Throughout the 5-month expedition, educational videos were created to capture the conversations, ideas, and questions examined in relation to the four central themes of this journey (Reconciliation, the Environment, Diversity and Inclusion, and Youth Engagement). These short videos, ranging from 1 to 8 minutes in length, serve as engaging learning tools to spark critical discussion in classrooms across Canada. Each video is accompanied by a one-page inquiry guide for teachers to prompt discussion, critical thinking, and provide extended resource links. Inquiry guides have been developed for  elementary years (Gr. 2-5), middle years (Gr. 6-8) and high school years (Gr. 9-12).

Ocean Conservation Video Series                Reconciliation Video Series


Click HERE for videos and inquiry guides                               COMING SOON!