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Learning Resources

We have two types of learning resources that we are excited to share with you! Our Spotlight Learning Resources are innovative and interactive resources recently created by other educational organizations. Our Learning Modules are curriculum-linked lesson/unit plans for K-12 students that have been created by teachers from across the country. Both the Spotlight Resources and the Learning Modules align with one (or more) of the Canada C3 themes of Diversity and Inclusion, Reconciliation, Youth Engagement and the Environment.

Spotlight Learning Resources

We want to connect you to innovative and interactive learning resources that have been recently created by other educational organizations across Canada. Canada C3, with permission, is highlighting these Spotlight Learning Resources, so that more teachers and students can engage with and learn from these fantastic educational tools. The curator(s) and organization(s) behind each resource are recognized. You will find interactive videos, including 360-degree footage, ebooks, games, apps and more that will spark and support learning aimed at fostering a deep(er) understanding of Canada. Simply scroll down, click on the featured image, video, or activity to open/enter the resource and explore what it has to offer! Send your Spotlight Learning Resource suggestions to

Learning Modules

Our education team invited pre-service teachers at partnering Faculties of Education and teacher education programs and classroom teachers across the country to create curriculum-linked learning modules (i.e., lesson/unit plans) for K-12 students. These learning modules are searchable and browsable by Canada C3 theme, topic/keyword and grade/teaching division. Each teacher contributor and their affiliated school or postsecondary institution are recognized.

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Featured Spotlight Learning Resources

School Ramp Program

StopGap is a Toronto-based non-profit with the vision to make communities more accessible for everyone.


Répondez au questionnaire Citoyen du monde et découvrez quel type de citoyen du monde vous êtes.


By division

By theme

Learning Modules

Richness, Abundance, and Transects, Oh My!

  In this module, biodiversity is explored using Arctic ocean life. This set of lessons demonstrate how scientists and researchers categorize and monitor biodiversity, species richness, and other environmental factors within an ecosystem. Students participate in mock-up transects, species collections and surveys. The lessons give students a feel for how researchers might operate in the...

Mi’gmaq Language as a Means of Promoting Indigenous Sustainability

In these lessons, students will use Mi’gmaq information and culture to identify certain medicinal plants and understand their use and importance in a way that demonstrates respect and important Mi’gmaq values. Students will also have an opportunity to discover how plants are important to all living things and are connected to us in many ways....

Hunting and Gathering

These Art lessons will prepare students to display their hunting- and gathering-inspired artwork in a Heritage Fair setting. This will include interview-based research, gathering relevant art pieces, and development of displaying one’s art.

What Is Canada?

This lesson will build upon students’ graphing concepts, whilst exploring our year-long classroom theme, What is Canada? Students will produce bar graphs, first in a guided process as a class, and then in a shared experience in small groups.

Living in the Narrows

“Living in the Narrows – Mapping our Kinship with Land, Water, and Ice” will be our year-long theme in the Grade 5/6 classroom. The class will plan for and go on a winter Aullak (on the land excursion) and a summer Aullak to Eskimo Island, a small island in Hamilton Inlet tucked into the west...