Connect your Classroom with the Canada C3 Expedition

We invite you to join us as virtual expeditioners on our Canada C3 journey. Learn about the people and places that shape Canada’s coasts through interactions with diverse Canadians who are either participants on the Canada C3 expedition or members of the communities that we will be visiting.

Google Hangouts

We are thrilled to be partnering with Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants, a free, interactive, real-time learning platform from right here in Canada. We are working with them to host 15 Google Hangouts throughout the expedition. The Google Hangouts will cover a wide range of topics, including: Canada C3 participating scientists discussing biodiversity and microplastics, a tour of the Canada C3 ship as well as live field trips to national parks, marine protected areas and migratory bird sanctuaries across diverse coastal regions of Canada. Visit to register your class or summer camp program for FREE, receive regular updates on all upcoming Canada C3 Google Hangouts and book your camera spot to interact with the presenter live!

Upcoming Canada C3 Google Hangouts:

  • May 8 at 1 p.m. EDT—Virtual Tour of the Expedition Ship with Ship Logistics Lead, Scott McDougall
  • May 23, World Biodiversity Day (time TBD)—Biodiversity Ocean Research on Canada C3 with oceanographer Boris Worm

Social Media

There are many ways to follow along with us over social media! Each day of our expedition will involve short videos shot on location, including expedition leader updates, Canada C3 scientists reporting in the field, youth ambassadors taking part in community visits and more! Check out one of our first videos, introducing the Canada C3 ship as just an example!

We will also be hosting Facebook Lives throughout the voyage, creating opportunities for Canadians from coast to coast to coast to connect live with the Canada C3 expedition.

Live-Learning Events

There will be a handful of  ‘mega live-learning events’ that will take place throughout the Canada C3 expedition. Through a network of partners and collaborators, thousands of youth, teachers and everyday Canadians from across the country will be able to participate in these events from their classroom, home, summer camp, at regional Canada C3 Museum Hubs or at national education sites. One of our exciting live-learning events will occur on Aug. 27 in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Ocean educators with the Fish Eye Project, in partnership with Ocean Networks Canada and the University of Victoria, will be hosting a Canada C3 Arctic Live Dive. You will be able to virtually dive underwater with this team in real time, see what the divers do, ask them questions while they are underwater and learn about the Arctic Ocean ecosystem firsthand!

Regardless of your specific curriculum, subject area(s) or learning priorities, connecting with this historic pan-Canadian initiative will help bring learning to life.