Connect your Classroom with the Canada C3 Expedition

We invite you to join us as virtual expeditioners on our Canada C3 journey. Learn about the people and places that shape Canada’s coasts through our archived interactions with diverse Canadians who were either participants on the Canada C3 expedition or members of the communities that we visited.

Canada C3 Live-Learning Events

1. Facebook Lives

Throughout the expedition, our virtual expeditioners had the opportunity to connect live with journey participants, including 37 youth ambassadors, as well as C3 scientists, community members and more. See below our archived Facebook lives:

Canada C3 Arrival to Victoria: Watch Canada C3 sail into the Victoria Harbour on our historic final day of the expedition. Watch the recorded broadcast here.

Arctic Live Dive: We partnered with Fish Eye Project, Ocean Networks Canada, Ocean Wise and Polar Knowledge Canada to broadcast an interactive, Arctic live dive from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut! Watch here.

Live with C3 Youth Ambassadors: Marta Thorpe, Ann Makosinski and Aviaq Johnston, Leg 9 youth ambassadors, answer viewers’ questions live from the ship in the Arctic. Watch here.

Torngat Mountains National Park: A recorded live discussion on traditional Inuit homelands with Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami President, Natan Obed, and Dr. Nadine Caron and Shaun Majumder. Watch here. Also join Caitlyn Baikie and Leg 6 participants for a recorded live concert from the stern of the C3 ship while in the Torngat Mountains Park. Watch here.

2. Google Hangouts

We are thrilled to have partnered with Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants throughout the Canada C3 Expedition, a free, interactive, real-time learning platform from right here in Canada. Together we hosted 26 Google Hangouts throughout the expedition on topics related to the Canada C3 Science Program, the environment and the journey itself. Check out recorded broadcasts of Canada C3 Google Hangouts below. To see more Exploring by the Seat of your Pants Google Hangouts, visit:

Watch Recorded Broadcasts of Previous Canada C3 Google Hangouts:

  • #26: 150 Days. What did we Learn? Now What? with Lisa (Diz) Glithero (Canada C3 Education Team Lead). Watch here.
  • #25: Canada C3 ‘Invertebrate Species Classroom Challenge’ (Bilingual) with Henry Choong (Royal BC Museum) and Josée Pennober (Commision Scolaire des Portages-de-l’Outaouais). Watch here.
  • #24: H is for hydroids, or how well do we know our ABCs? The importance of taxonomy, museum collections & biodiversity surveys with Henry Choong (Royal BC Museum). Watch here.
  • #23: Eastern Why Adventures are the Best Way to Learn with Jean-François Carrey (Expedition Guide) and Felipe Gomez (Adventurer). Watch here.
  • #22: Eastern Life on the Edge: Insects and Spiders of the Shoreline with Joel Gibson (Royal BC Museum). Watch here.
  • #21: Eastern Marine Ecosystems and Climate Change with Brian Hunt (Canada C3 Chief Scientist Leg 13 and 14) and Jade Shiller (University of British Columbia). Watch here.
  • #20: Connecting Youth from Coast to Coast to Coast: A Hangout with Three Canada C3 Youth Ambassadors with Chukita Charlee Gruben and Dana Kenny. Watch here.
  • #19: A Tale of Two Arctic Bears: Their Study and Ecology with Mark Edwards (Royal Alberta Museum). Watch here.
  • #18: Tiny Critters, Huge Impact: Discovering the Ocean Microbiome with Julie LaRoche (Dalhousie University). Watch here.
  • #17: Microplastics: A Serious Threat to Sea Life with Rhiannon Moore (Vancouver Aquarium). Watch here.
  • #16: Exploring Edges & the Power of Wild Places with Kate Harris. Watch here.
  • #15: Searching for Canada’s Great Whales: The Whales, Habitat & Listening Experiment (WHaLE) Project with Caroline Fox (Dalhousie University). Watch here.
  • #14: Preserving, Protecting & Promoting Culture with Pamela Gross (Kitikmeot Heritage Society) & Angela Nuliayok Rudolph (Polar Knowledge Canada).
  • #13: Arctic Plants: Botanical Biodiversity & Climate Change Beyond the Treeline with Jeff Saarela (Canadian Museum of Nature). Watch here.
  • #12: Finding Franklin’s Lost Expedition & Learning to see Sea Ice with Tom Zagon (Canadian Ice Service). Watch here.
  • #11: Contaminants in Arctic Aquatic Environments with Paul Hamilton (Canadian Museum of Nature). Watch here.
  • #10: From Dinosaurs to Polar Bears: Changing Climate in the Arctic with Bianca Perren (British Antarctic Survey). Watch here.
  • #9: Olympian and ocean-rowing adventurers Mylène Paquette and Heather Moyse chat about their experiences so far on Canada C3. Watch here (bilingual).
  • #8: Peter VanBuren (Institute of Ocean Sciences) joined by expedition leader, Geoff Green discuss Canada C3 water sampling and other oceanographic sampling. Watch here.
  • #7: Grant Gilchrist (Wildlife Research Division – Environment and Climate Change Canada) will discuss marine bird surveys in the Arctic live from the ship. Watch here.
  • #6: Nathalie Le François (Biôdome) and Mark Graham (Canadian Museum of Nature) present on patterns of genetic diversity and experimental biology in the Arctic live from the C3 vessel. Watch here (bilingual).
  • #5: Lyne Morissette, Marine Ecology Researcher, discusses her research in relation to C3 science program on the St. Lawrence River. Watch here (bilingual).
  • #4: World Ocean Day: A Hangout with Canada C3 Expedition Leader, Geoff Green on Canada as an Ocean Nation. Watch here.
  • #3: Biodiversity Ocean Research on Canada C3 with oceanographer Boris Worm (part of International Day for Biological Diversity). Watch here.
  • #2: Virtual Tour of the Canada C3 Expedition Vessel with Ship Team Lead, Scott McDougall. Watch here.
  • #1: Intro to Canada C3 with Education Lead, Diz Glithero. Watch hereSee a summary of the Hangout here.