Other Canada C3 Ocean Education Resources

Learning Module: Richness, Abundance, and Transects, Oh My! 
Author: Sarah Board, Monika Pelz, Ocean Networks Canada Learning Team, Ocean Networks Canada, The Fish Eye Project, Victoria, British Columbia
Themes: Environment
Division: Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12
Available in: English
Downloads:  English (pdf)

Learning Module: Living in the Narrows
Author: Tracey Doherty, Inuit Bachelor of Education program, Faculty of Education, Labrador Institute, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Rigolet, Newfoundland & Labrador
Themes: Reconciliation, Youth Engagement, Environment
Division: K-Grade 5, Grades 6-8
Available in: English
Downloads:  English (pdf)

Check out these 4 learning modules that are part of our 15 module Canada C3 Giant Floor Map Program — all with an ocean related focus

#3: How does Canada’s Coastline Measure Up?
#6: Indigenous Canada – the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River
#9: Inuit Regions
#15: Sea Ice and Communities in the Northwest Passage

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Learn more about the ocean by watching these recorded live learning events from the Canada C3 expedition!  

  • Microplastics: A Serious Threat to Sea Life with Rhiannon Moore (Vancouver Aquarium). Watch here.
  • Arctic live dive with Fisheye Project. Watch here.
  • Marine Ecosystems and Climate Change with Brian Hunt and Jade Shiller (University of British Columbia). Watch here.
  • Tiny Critters, Huge Impact: Discovering the Ocean Microbiome with Julie LaRoche (Dalhousie University). Watch here.
  • Searching for Canada’s Great Whales: The Whales, Habitat & Listening Experiment (WHaLE) Project with Caroline Fox (Dalhousie University). Watch here.
  • Finding Franklin’s Lost Expedition & Learning to see Sea Ice with Tom Zagon (Canadian Ice Service). Watch here.
  • Contaminants in Arctic Aquatic Environments with Paul Hamilton (Canadian Museum of Nature). Watch here.
  • From Dinosaurs to Polar Bears: Changing Climate in the Arctic with Bianca Perren (British Antarctic Survey). Watch here.
  • Olympian and ocean-rowing adventurers Mylène Paquette and Heather Moyse chat about their experiences so far on Canada C3. Watch here (bilingual).
  • Peter VanBuren (Institute of Ocean Sciences) discuss Canada C3 water sampling and other oceanographic sampling. Watch here.
  • Grant Gilchrist (Wildlife Research Division – Environment and Climate Change Canada) discusses marine bird surveys in the Arctic.
  • Lyne Morissette (Marine Ecology Researcher/Mission 10 Tonne) discusses her research in relation to C3 science program on the St. Lawrence River. Watch here (bilingual).
  • World Ocean Day: A Hangout with Canada C3 Expedition Leader, Geoff Green on Canada as an Ocean Nation. Watch here.
  • Biodiversity Ocean Research on Canada C3 with oceanographer Boris Worm (part of International Day for Biological Diversity). Watch here.

Also be sure to check out Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants and their 25+ google hangouts dedicated to Ocean Plastics and their World Ocean Day (June 2018) event with over 50 ocean-related hangouts with world leaders in ocean science, conservation, and exploration. Watch these recorded hangouts here.