Hundreds of Places to Visit Along the Longest Coastline in the World

It’s safe to say when the Canada C3 team sat down to plan the stops for our expedition, we were spoiled for choice.

The journey from coast to coast to coast took us to breathtaking conservation areas, bustling cities, remote inlets and everything in between. Travelling through seven ecozones, our ship saw everything from forests to tundra to sandy beaches.

In coastal towns and villages, Canada C3 participants met with local community members to connect and share ideas about what Canada was in the past, is now and can be in the future. In conservation areas, scientists on board conducted research on how to best preserve the environment for future generations. In Indigenous communities, we met with the local people to learn from the past and discuss reconciliation for the future.

Every place we visited has shaped Canada’s coastline in its own unique way and every place brought something different to Canada C3, altogether making an unprecedented journey.