Connecting Canadian Classrooms

The Canada C3 expedition and Canada 150 as a whole provide Canadian K-12 teachers and learners an inspiring opportunity to foster a deep(er) understanding of Canada, its diverse peoples, its coastal places and the past, present and future of our country. With this goal in mind, we will facilitate weekly opportunities for classrooms and the general public to interact with the expedition, the participants and those living in the communities that we will be visiting. We will also be helping to connect classrooms from diverse regions of the country with one another through a virtual interactive experience. Classrooms connecting virtually in conversation with one another, led by passionate teachers or by strategic programs like Connected North is not a new idea. However, we want Canada C3 to inspire more teachers and classrooms across Canada to connect with one another, to engage in open dialogue and to build a better understanding and better relationships between north and south, east and west, coastal to interior, urban to rural and/or Indigenous to non-Indigenous.

Get your Classroom Involved

Teachers can join the Canada C3 for Teachers group on Facebook. Here you can meet other teachers from across the country who are building, or want to build, connections between each other, their students and their communities. We encourage you to dialogue with teachers in parts of the country that interest you or your students and create a plan that suits you best. There is no one right way or cookie cutter approach to building relationships! Consider your learning goals, available technology infrastructure and student needs when deciding how to plan your conversations. Skype, Google Hangout, Facebook Video Chat and other video-conferencing technologies can be used to connect your classroom with another. You can decide whether you want to converse with many other classrooms or just one. Canada C3 is keen for diverse classrooms to connect with each other at least once before the expedition (in the period from March to June 2017) and once during or after the expedition (in the period from September to December 2017). We are also keen to hear about your experience. Please take just five minutes (we promise!) to fill out our Connecting Canadian Classrooms google form.


Not quite sure what to talk about? Before your virtual conversation, consider using our Teacher Guide [HYPERLINK] to prepare your class for what to expect and to guide your students’ conversation in relation to the Canada C3 expedition themes of Diversity and Inclusion, Reconciliation, Youth Engagement and the Environment.

Starting these conversations may be challenging, but we believe they are well worth it. When all communities of learners enter into dialogue with open hearts and open minds, amazing learning can happen! We support the 4Rs Framework for Cross-Cultural Dialogue [NEED HYPERLINK] and encourage you to access this resource if you are not already familiar with it.

Send us a photo of your Connecting Canadian Classrooms experience at and we will showcase it here!