Leg 9: Pond Inlet to Cambridge Bay

After a closing ceremony, we will leave the welcoming community of Pond Inlet to search for narwhals down Milne Inlet, where signs of hunting camps can be found on the shore, both recent and thousands of years old. The luscious summer tundra flanks the jagged, glacier-rimmed peaks of Sirmilik National Park, teeming with migratory shore birds and snow geese gorging on arctic blueberries. We will stop at Nanisivik to refuel, then set course for the Northwest Passage, exploring well-preserved Hudson Bay Company and RCMP outposts, before making it to the gateway of northern expeditions: Resolute Bay. The community of Gjoa Haven, named by Norwegian explorer Amundsen, will share stories of many other important connections with Norway. We will then be finally reaching Cambridge Bay.